The Come Up Project Trailer #3

The Come Up Project Trailer #3 from The Come Up on Vimeo.

Trailer # 3 includes cuts and quick shots of more familiar faces. Look out for more documentary previews. The Documentary is projected to release early 2011 Date TBA The Come Up Project covers lifestyle of music, skate, art, streetwear & fashion cultures from musicians, lines, designers, artists, and skaters on "the come up" to the celebrities who have made it. Solely to inspire people to get up and do something with their lives. Stay tuned for more videos, look out for Vol. 3 and follow for episodes and features.

Monday, November 30

Tk's Fly Society Hat Release

Please Forgive us Yes, we are behind on our post ! But we have some pics to make up for it.

The Fly Society hat release party was over at Lucky Strike down town LA right next to the LA Live. It was mad packed because of the Snoop Concert going on . Mateo and  I got there a little late because we got held up at an I hop around the way and we couldn't find decent parking. Eventually when we got there security held us up at the door because we weren't in dress code . They said our pants were to baggy but , since when do slim jeans become to baggy?  Eventually after we pulled our pants up and talked with security they let us in and we were able to mingle in the party.

The party over all was dope it was real dark we couldn't see much other than the pretty girls that filled the party up and a few trendsetting cats that are on a few tv shows. As the night went on our boys from Mbarqgo rolled through along with Mr. Ibn Jasper himself. Eventually the man that everyone came out to see Mr.TK rolled through and showed everyone mad love and from the looks of things was very appreciative that everyone came out to support. As the night went on more heads from the Fly Society crew came through and every one chilled and bowled until it was time to go.  After the camera died me and Mateo left the spot to go home . We couldn't get out to fast without saying peace to everyone and taking a few pics with some of the homies and grabbing our gift bags from the Fly Society Family.

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