The Come Up Project Trailer #3

The Come Up Project Trailer #3 from The Come Up on Vimeo.

Trailer # 3 includes cuts and quick shots of more familiar faces. Look out for more documentary previews. The Documentary is projected to release early 2011 Date TBA The Come Up Project covers lifestyle of music, skate, art, streetwear & fashion cultures from musicians, lines, designers, artists, and skaters on "the come up" to the celebrities who have made it. Solely to inspire people to get up and do something with their lives. Stay tuned for more videos, look out for Vol. 3 and follow for episodes and features.

Thursday, December 10

The Come Up | Weekly Update

Posted by Mateo

Sorry posting has been slow, it's "Finals Week" for The Come Up, we are college students trying to come up too.  Now on to the good stuff, this past weekend I was on my own in LA while Justin held down San Francisco for the weekend which he brought us back a wonderful speeding ticket.  I dropped by Nick Diamond's friends and family event over at his new store, then headed over to Hyde for his after party.  Didn't do too much because we have a feature for you guys to look forward to in the works for the holidays.  Justin is back in town so we got 3 big segments coming up for you guys to look forward to.  Episode 1 will release January first.  Stay on the look out, I'm gonna post a couple event vids in the next few days from past events.  The Come Up Website is gonna also have a new look sometime this week, so just stay tuned for more info on next weeks "Weekly Update"....oh yea can't for get, we got a new staff member:

Introducing "Gucci"

I also dropped by Markisa's party over at Barracuda and got to chill with our boy Melloe Won, Mr. Paul Rodriguez and TK.  A couple more names to be excited for cause we will be setting up features with them for the holidays also. We brought The Come Up's new mascot "Gucci" with us, he seemed to have got all the attention.  Drop by Markisa Blog for photos.  heres a couple quick shots from the event:

Shout out to Brice to the right of me It's his Bday!

KB & Gucci

P'rod introduced me to his baby, doing big things while being a responsible father.

Tk & Melloe

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