The Come Up Project Trailer #3

The Come Up Project Trailer #3 from The Come Up on Vimeo.

Trailer # 3 includes cuts and quick shots of more familiar faces. Look out for more documentary previews. The Documentary is projected to release early 2011 Date TBA The Come Up Project covers lifestyle of music, skate, art, streetwear & fashion cultures from musicians, lines, designers, artists, and skaters on "the come up" to the celebrities who have made it. Solely to inspire people to get up and do something with their lives. Stay tuned for more videos, look out for Vol. 3 and follow for episodes and features.

Wednesday, March 24

HTC Evo 1st 4g phone to be in America

A growing number of phone roll-outs with Android operating systems have been season in the last year or so as HTC put together what is arguably the best iteration of Android yet (although this moniker seems to follow most new Android phone releases). The Evo is the world’s first Android 4G mobile phone with a heavy-duty array of features including a large tousch-screen display, 8 MP camera, HD video capture and HTC Sense. A similar version of the phone known as the HTC Legend in Europe has already been released to some rave reviews. The phone will debut later this year, exclusively on Sprint.

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